“Resistance to change is resistance to the nature of God”

I think in one or more areas in our lives we desire and long for change. We often welcome change that’s favorable to our circumstances but change that stretches us is always challenging. In my personal life, I find God has transitioned me through seasons, some are seasons of spiritual growth, seasons for learning, while still other are simply for my experience and enjoyment but regardless of what season, they are all character building seasons.

I see somewhat of a cycle developing in my life where each season seems to be attached to a specific geographic area. I’ve moved quite a bit in my life, from the hot sun of Addis Ababa, classic American suburbia of California, the rough winters of Ottawa, to the ever so vibrant and multicultural Toronto, to beautiful Victoria, and Cape Town; where the ocean meets the sky. I can look back and point to each city I’ve lived in and see the work that God has done to mold me. Some were times of great growth while other were times of stillness, while others were downright stressful. Either way, I cherish them all because through these changes in my life I’ve been able to seek and draw from the facets of God I would have otherwise never known.

So I encourage you to follow God’s lead and step out from the status quo, to not be satisfied with the ordinary and to step out from places of security and comfort by trusting God and allowing Him to work in and through you. Move and live and have your being in Him and He will perfect that which concerns you.

In Christ.

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