Casting off Offences

“For it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh” (Mat. 18:7) At the root of all of Mystery Babylon’s perversions and trappings is the carnal man; the man of sin who works from the midst of men’s hearts. This man has made the earth tremble, shaken kingdoms,... Continue Reading →

The Passing Order of this World

In our last post we considered the great apostasy taking place in the institutionalized religious system of our day. This apostasy is fundamentally a falling away from Christ as head, from the love of the truth, from the pursuit of the pureness of His indwelling life and the administration of the Spirit in every sphere... Continue Reading →

The Great Apostasy

In our recent messages we have been reflecting on the topic of the antichrist. Contrary to popular belief, the antichrist is not a global dictator but the false religious spirit that has distorted the identity of the Lord’s people leading them into error and disobedience. Although the antichrist appears throughout scripture, only John designates it... Continue Reading →

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