When God Speaks

God speaks all the time. But does He only speak when I can hear Him or do His words fall on deaf ears? I’d like to think that God will get His message across to me one way or another. I hope sooner than later in most cases. I believe when I’m willing and ready to really do God’s will, to obey whether He says ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ then I’m in the hearing place where I’m receptive to what He has to say. It’s true of many Christians, me included, that at times we go to God in prayer with a pre-determined answers. I think approaching God in this state prevents us from being sensitive to the counsel of the Holy Spirit.

I’d love to hear God’s perspective on so many things in my life. Not just the dos and don’ts but what He really thinks about what I’ve done with my life so far. Yes, I’m His son, I’m honored and precious in His sight and He loves me regardless. That’s no small thing, but I’d like to know what I could have done in my life to be more fruitful. I’d like to know where I could be and who I could be for Him.

But when God speaks it’s not always about me, my career, about my life mate, my academics, for Him it’s more than that, He has bigger agendas. He says: “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways.” (Isaiah 55:9) Sometimes we go to God with itching ears for things concerning ‘I’. Yes, he cares about the career, about the spouse, about the unpaid bills, about the broken finger nail and He’ll direct you in those areas but He desires to download and accomplish mighty things regarding His kingdom in you and me. At times our small dreams and our narrow outlook prevent us from being open to the visions God desires to impart.

This is something I’ve seen and learned in my life recently. More than ever, this year God is speaking in my life through His Word, the Holy Spirit and through men and women of God. At times, I’ve opened my ears with expectation to hear about things I think I need in my life. But God has not spoken about those things, instead He’s shared His thoughts and plans. It was as if God was saying: “That’s small stuff son, don’t sweat that, let me show you this awesome plan I have.” And I find as He shares His thoughts, I get such rest and peace in those areas I eagerly came expecting to hear about. Yes, God cares about the little things in our lives, because He loves us. But He will not be satisfied or stop at just addressing those areas.

When God speaks, be ready and open to what He desires to impart. It maybe that He will say “I love you son/daughter” or that He will give you visions that define your life’s destiny.

Whatever it maybe, even now God, You are speaking and we will listen. I pray that You would give us ears that hear and a heart that obeys, that You would open the eyes of our hearts so that we may know the hope of our calling, the riches of Your glorious inheritance and Your incorruptible great power towards us who believe.

In Christ!

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