Beloved Sons

David has a great testimony; he was a man after God’s own heart, a man who fulfilled God’s purpose in his generation. The Hebrew name David itself means “beloved.” The story of the rise of David from obscurity to become king and his incessant love for the Lord relayed throughout the Psalms makes him a... Continue Reading →

The Duality in Man

I recently shared some ideas about the Adamic nature at work in Christians. And someone asked me: “Would you mind explaining what a carnal nature in a believer means? It was my understanding that you either have a carnal nature or not, if we have been regenerated why do we still have an Adamic nature?”... Continue Reading →

Saved by His life

Salvation relayed through the gospel is a glorious truth that is richer and mysterious than what we often associate with the word. Salvation is not about being destined for heaven, it’s not about giving our hearts to Jesus, and it’s definitely more than being forgiven of sins. Salvation is of course synonymous with being saved.... Continue Reading →

‘Like Mike’

I was thinking about the 'i want to be like Mike' craze in the late 90s (Jordan that is). There was even a movie. Air Jordan and bull's jerseys were the in thing and people were doing jump shots and fadeaways like mike, even sticking out your tongue when playing ball was cool. You know... Continue Reading →

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