Beloved Sons

David has a great testimony; he was a man after God’s own heart, a man who fulfilled God’s purpose in his generation. The Hebrew name David itself means “beloved.” The story of the rise of David from obscurity to become king and his incessant love for the Lord relayed throughout the Psalms makes him a fascinating individual. His life however is not mere history but has wonderful spiritual connotations which we have heard much about. The Lord was relaying to me the deep spiritual meaning behind the incidents in this man’s life.

I was first reminded of the obscurity from which David emerged. From a place where there was no crowds, no witnesses, a place of unrecognition, a place of loneliness. In this secret place, however, God was doing a marvelous work in young David. He was training and molding him for his day of unveiling. From the point of view of man, he was least in his clan both in stature and status. When Samuel was summoned by the Lord to go to the house of Jesse to anoint one of his sons as king, David wasn’t even a consideration. It is interesting that Samuel first consecrated Jesse and his sons before presenting a sacrifice to the Lord. David was not invited of course not only to the line-up but also the consecration and sacrifice ceremony.

David is symbolic of sons that God is forming in this hour. Sons are those in whom God is birthing Christ. These sons are yet to be unveiled but creation itself eagerly waits for their manifestation. Sons are very much like David. In them, God is doing a marvelous work in the hidden places, unrecognized by the church system and often unaccepted and in isolation. For many, the concept of sonship is an unknown one. Despite this, the spiritual work God is doing in birthing Christ within them will bring an end to the Adamic nature until their soul, spirit and body are one in Christ. Like David, they are neither invited nor do they take part in the popular assemblies. However obscure and unknown these sons may be, they are unknown by men and not God. For God, they are the hope not only of nations but creation itself. Their manifestation will usher in the liberation of creation from the bondage of corruption in which it is held captive.

The triumph of David over Goliath has also wonderful spiritual symbolisms. Goliath represents man or the Adamic nature. It says of Goliath that “his height was six cubits and a span.” (1 Sam. 17:4). Six in biblical numerology is the number of man. For on the sixth day Adam was formed. He was well reinforced with a helmet, coat, javelin and armor. Goliath was equipped with man-made protection and weaponry. Everything about Goliath is established upon him; his ability, his armor, his weapons, and his size. This is typical of the Adamic nature which in its misguided zeal attempts to emulate Christ by works, behavioural adjustments, teachings, rituals, programs and Christian activity all revolving around man and his means.

Israel was camped across the valley from the Philistines afraid of Goliath. They held him in high esteem as someone who was impossible to overcome. You see Israel here represents religious church system who refuses to teach or share about perfection; the coming of the saints to the stature the fullness of Christ. Why? They see in Adam someone who is impossible to overcome. But the ones who will defeat Goliath are Davids; sons in whom God has been forming Christ in the place of obscurity. As David was tested and trained by the lion and the bear during his shepherding days, God has prepared these sons with various dealings and trials in order to birth in them the very nature of Christ. These manifested sons are equipped with the very power and life of Christ and no man made armor or weaponry is necessary. They see in Goliath an enemy that has already been defeated in them. These are beloved sons with whom God is well pleased.

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