Mother’s House

God is preparing a people who are being formed into the full and ultimate expression of the kingdom of God. This is what manifest sonship is all about.

Sonship is an altogether different dimension and experience with our Father. Sonship is not a sermon series, it’s not a set of statements of faith, it’s not a reform one makes to their denominational creeds or programs.

Sonship is a change in heart; a transformation in nature. It’s a divine awakening to the indwelling Christ and a catching up to a higher dimension and reality in Him. It is a spiritual experience where a new consciousness begins to take hold. It is a standing where one’s hearts is opened and illuminated to know and walk in the divine will of God. It is where one becomes all about Father – becoming a partaker of His heart for all mankind.

There is a great different between a child and a son. A child is born but a son is developed. There is no shame in being a child. It is said even of Jesus that “the child grew and became stronger in spirit” (Luk. 2:40). However, the problem arises when one remains a child, refusing to be weaned off mother’s milk. One of the indicators of such condition is refusing to leave mother’s house; depending on mother for nurture, provision and support.

In Abraham’s time, children remained on mother’s side of the tent. Thus we read of “Sarah’s tent” (Gen. 24:67). In the tradition of those times, the tents were said to be divided into two, and sometimes three compartments by curtains made of goat’s hair. One compartment was for the men, which also served as the reception room. Beyond this was the compartment for the women and children.

Mother’s side was where children were raised. While on father’s side, sons who had come of age would sit at the table and discuss father’s business, father’s plan, father’s way. But as long as the child was not mature enough to understand and partake in those things, they remained at mother’s side of the tent under guardianship of stewards. “Now I say that the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, though he is master of all, but is under guardians and stewards until the time appointed by the Father” (Gal. 4:1-2).

There are multitudes of Christians today who are heirs of God but who reside in the comfort of mother’s house. In mother’s house we look for God outside of us. In mother’s house the emphasis is on gifts and blessings. In mother’s house there is constant encouragement and nurture. In mother’s house we depend on our guardians and from them we pick up many habits and traditions. In mother’s house there is much play and entertainment to keep us engaged and happy.

Jesus said: “but to what shall I liken this generation? It is like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling to their companions, and saying: ‘We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we mourned to you, and you did not lament.’” (Mat. 11:16-17). The children sat in the assembly place (Agora: marketplace) to play games. They play wedding blowing their flutes. They play funeral pretending to mourn. But they are rather disappointed in their companions who refuse to play along.

I see in the children who sit in the assembly my fellow brothers and sisters who congregate in the church system. There they play various games. They play Christmas, they play Easter, they occupy themselves in programs, conferences, seminars and entertain themselves with concerts, dramas, motivational talks, guest speakers, parties, picnics, building fund drives, award banquets, so-called prayer breakfasts and countless other activities. As harmless as all these may seem, few realize how much the harlot system of religion has weakened their spiritual vitality leaving them in spiritual poverty, void of understanding of the high and holy purposes of God.

Engage with such folks in a conversation that has any spiritual depth or which doesn’t align with their traditions and they’ll quickly lose interest or they’ll throw a temper tantrum. Anyone who has ever attempted to hold a serious conversation with a child can agree that one has to contend with their short attention span, restlessness, disinterest, and incessant boredom. Paul sates: “when I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things” (1 Cor. 13:11).

We will only leave behind all our childish ways when we begin to turn from the distractions in mother’s house to hear Father’s invitation to his side of the tent. Today, few have heard Father’s call to “come out of her” (Rev. 18:4) and to “come up here” (Rev. 4:1). But only in hearing that voice will we be empowered to leave behind all the religious forms and orders we have ever known. No longer will we defend those childish dogmas we once embraced because Father’s voice will shake the former heavens and earth that have been erected in our lives.

To those in whose spirit this resonates, rest in Him for His voice will draw you to know and experience Him in higher dimensions.


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