The kingdom – revealed, possessed, manifested

I realize that true and genuine change regarding nations, the poor, and the systems of this world cannot come through human effort, man-made institutions, intellectualism, academia or carnal research. The ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ during the days of His flesh is exemplary. But His ministry wasn’t a call to replicate His work or to build doctrines around it. Today, many are working to build and establish the Kingdom in the world before it has found dominion within them. They attempt to set Christians in places of influence, in politics, in economics, and various sectors of society with hopes that they would bring about righteousness in a nation and address the many ills of society. But this is not the way God has ordained for the Kingdom to come to be established on earth.

Such kingdom building effort is also a mixing of the kingdom of God with the world system. The sad reality we witness from the Church’s history is that men have often rolled up their sleeves when they have been unable to impart life to a dying world. When natural man puts his hands in God’s work, it becomes corrupted and lifeless. Historically, every move of God has become stale and dead when men try to label it, mix it with the world’s systems, organize it, and institutionalize it.

However, what Jesus Christ demonstrated in His ministry as the firstborn and forerunner was the kingdom manifest. He ministered out of fullness of the Spirit and not from an in-part realm of gifts. Indeed His life & ministry are examples to heal the sick and feed the poor as led by the Father. But surely Jesus knew that His mighty works in Galilee, Samaria and Judea were not a permanent deliverance of mankind from disease or poverty. It is for this reason that Jesus said that there would be “greater works than these” (John 5:20).

I believe a key lesson from Jesus is that the primary aim of ministry is to impart life. There was no instruction on how to organize, institutionalize, coordinate, or govern for the life of Christ within was to direct all things. Such a quality of life and ministry emanates from the Spirit’s energizing life within. In Jesus’ life we don’t see a distinction between ministry and life, they are one and the same. The life He lived was the very life of God, it was dynamic and effective, it always produced without fail, not a word fell to the ground, it was neither prescribed nor predictable. Paul picking up on this declares: “in Him we move and live and have our being” (Acts 17:28). God is always on the move and we are to move with Him and this is the mark of sonship: “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God” (Rom. 8:14). “These are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever He goes” (Rev. 14:4). In order to move with Him, our very life and being needs to be swallowed up by His.

We see from the word that ‘Christ in us’ and being ‘in Christ’ are different developments in our growth. In the lives of those apprehended to sonship, the revelation of Christ is breaking forth within us and it is as sweet as honey in our mouth but God is at work to make this substance within our reality. The truth is being assimilated within us and to some of us this has become bitter in our stomach. I share the writing of a brother who states: “The bitterness that we experience in the digesting of the Truth will take away and remove any vainglorious desire to display our knowledge in the eyes of men. The bitterness of the Word working within us will purge away all thoughts of grandeur and of greatness, and leave us ‘dumb’ like Ezekiel of old, until the hour when God shall open our mouths; and then we shall be enabled to speak that clear, infallible Word direct from God’s own heart.”

To manifest what we have not become experientially is to be an imitation. Revelation and possession are diverse progressions in God. It is the difference between understanding and experience, between knowing and manifesting. Every truth that God is bringing us into must be experienced within ourselves and become life before we can express it and manifest it as reality. Only then will people behold its power in us. In this state, the messenger becomes the message. In this state, we are not just ministering healing but we become healing (Jesus and the woman with issue of blood is example of this). In this state, we relay truth having become truth; we radiate light having become light. In this state, we are not merely communicating revelation but we become the revelation. In all things, we become as He is and we minister out of this state (1 john 4:17). Otherwise it becomes merely doctrine, facts, instructions, persuasive words of human wisdom and teachings void of power and unable to impart life and liable to be hijacked by self and humanism.

The word of life, the incorruptible seed that was released by Jesus Christ manifested and imparted Zoe life – the absolute fullness of divine life, the God kind of life. Accordingly, the disciples testified of Him: “You have the words of eternal life” (John 6:68). The quickening life of the Spirit was contained within His words. This is a living word, a quickening word, the living voice of the Son of God that emanates out of the depth of spirit. Such a word will impart the life of God and liberate mankind from its ills. It is indeed for this life that creation groans. It is an incorruptible and immortal life. This quality of life is now being produced in those apprehended to sonship that they may possess it and impart it to others. Only having eaten and assimilated the open scroll is John the revelator instructed: “you must prophesy AGAIN concerning many peoples and nations and languages and kings” (Rev. 10:11).These are they who prophesy not out of what they know or understand but out of who they are in their inner state of being to manifest the living Word of life to the nations.






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